Ever since I turned 27 I have secretly wanted to be 28. I have embraced this age in a way that I never have with any of my previous birthdays. To me each year that you turn older only brings you one step closer to the person you are meant to become and to each fantastic opportunity that awaits you in your path. As much as I loved my early 20s I can’t imagine wanting to turn back time and relive it. Where I am now, is a much better place as I’ve grown to understand who I am, what I’m capable of doing and what awaits me.

28 truly is great.

To help me celebrate my 28th birthday – I thought I’d add a bit of sunshine into my outfit and wear some of the clothes that I bought from London!

Yellow and White Ruffle Top – H&M – £7.99

Fab Stitch Skinny Jean – Dark Blue – Forever 21 – $10.50

Tan and Crème Brogue Shoes – Primark – London – £8.00

Tan and Gold Chain Link Belt – Primark – London – £2.50

One thought on “Twenty-Eight.

  1. In that case, wait till you hit thirty. It is such an amazing age. People say that at thirty. A woman looks the best she ever did. You will know so much about yourself then. Believe it or not, thirty is sexy 🙂

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