MAKE UP / MASCARAde (Putting on Mascara)

I love the exquisiteness of 16th century masquerade balls – with its lavish assortment of ball gowns, suits, and décor. Beautiful, ornate masks hid just enough of a person to raise questions such as, Who is she? Do she see me? What is she thinking? These masks played up one’s eyes while at the same time concealing their mystery.

To my dismay, masquerades are no longer prominent social events nor can I walk about wearing a mask to hide anything. However, I can and forever will – wear mascara. Much like masks – mascara can also play up one’s eyes.

My infatuation for this beauty product has grown even more since I first put it on a mere 12 years ago. I’ve come across and fought with at least 50 (if not more) different types of mascaras –  Some I liked. Some I threw away after only two uses. Some expensive. Some drug-store bought. A couple – I’ve fallen in love with.

To be completely honest with you, drug-store mascaras are amazing! They’re normally half the price and work just as well, if not better.

If you’re like me and do not want to wear make-up everyday but need something to brighten up your face and smack that fatigue out – mascara will always do the trick.


L’oreal Telescopic – Carbon Black or Telescopic Explosion

$7 – $9.00

This formula is slightly more ink-based than other mascaras but the brush it comes with does an amazing job of evenly coating each lash to add volume, length, and definition. The mascara itself lasts longer and doesn’t even clump.

Telescopic Explosion has a smaller brush but defines every little lash to the fullest. Before applying this one, rub the brush on the top opening of the mascara tube to remove excess liquid. This is because a lot sticks to the brush when you pull it out and it’ll quickly clump your eyelashes together when applied.

Both of these are great for a very dramatic look and I highly recommend that you try them.

CoverGirl – Lashblast Fusion

$7 – $8.00

I’m not a huge CoverGirl fan except for the powdered compact, however this mascara is awesome. It adds just the right amount of dramatic touch to your eyes and comes off extremely clean. I just purchased it last week and its quickly become my new favorite everyday mascara.


Maybelline Great Lash

$5 – $6.00

Not only is this the cheapest mascara out there – but it works great. I keep it as a backup in my car in case I need to quickly brighten up my appearance. My only problem with it is that it does get runny sometimes so I don’t put it on my bottom lashes.

Sephora’s Bad Gal Lash (ooo yeah)


This one is awesome – it volumizes, defines, and lengthens – the only problem is that it’s $19.00. Sephora – Bad Gal Lash

I’ve found that L’oreal’s Telescopic mascaras work just as well and cost $10 – $12 less.

Victoria Secret

$12 – $15.00

I usually like just about any mascara from them and keep them as back-ups as well.


Maybelline Stiletto

Maybelline’s definition of stiletto must be “heels that are a millimeter high” – this mascara is completely useless.

Revlon Grow Luscious

It becomes runny fairly quickly and at the end of the day – you will look scary.

Maybelline – The Colossal Volum’ Express

Yeah – not so Colossal.

L’oreal Double Extend

This is where you put the white formula then the mascara. Way too much work – no one has that kind of time and it makes your eyes feel heavy.


A few years back I read in a magazine that it’s always a good idea to make the lashes on the outside corners of your eyes longer because it makes your eyes look bigger.

Being the super smart girl that I am – I decided to glue in fake individual lashes to that area. I ended up having to not only cut out the fake lashes but my real ones too because I had put too much glue. From that day on, I learned how to put mascara on properly.

1. It’s always a good idea to start from the bottom of the lash and swipe a couple of times half-way up the lash and then cover the entire lash.

2. Go back and swipe just the tips of the lash.

3. Take the end (point) of the mascara brush and get the lashes on the outside corner of your eye and sweep them out – this makes your eyes look bigger. Then apply to your bottom lashes.

4. Results:

With or Without… (using L’oreal Telescopic Explosion – Blackest Black)

Maybe one day I’ll carry out my fantasy of attending a masquerade ball. In the mean time, I’ll just keep using my mascara instead of hiding behind a mask.

4 thoughts on “MAKE UP / MASCARAde (Putting on Mascara)

    • Hi Nunya! I use Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner – Blackest Black. I love this one because it applies on very smoothly, stays on pretty much all day and the little pot it comes in doesn’t dry out the liner for months. The brush it comes with is a little difficult to use – I recommend using an angled or bent eyeliner brush. Hope that helps!

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