Fall into Spring – Part II

The weather in Houston was gorgeous last week and with the exception of having to go to work – I also managed to go out to dinner with friends, the beach and the rodeo. I found myself putting together various Fall into Spring outfits all week so I thought I’d go ahead and share them with all of you, in case you were still trying to figure out what to wear while the seasons are changing.

1. Here you can see that I copied one of the outfits from the Essentials piece and added a statement necklace to it. I LOVE this necklace – that jade/sea green color is very in right now and looks beautiful on any skin tone/color. I’m still not okay with wearing white pants but I think a white blazer or shirt is still fine because they’re classic, year-round pieces.

2. This outfit is very fall-like with the dark colors and black shoes. If worn in the winter I would have thrown on a pair of tights and booties but because its spring I put the tights aside and chose simple black pumps to wear. I should have gone a bit further and worn a bracelet.

3. I knew it was still going to be pretty cool at night, especially by the beach, so I put on a scarf and wore pants that I could roll up so as to not get sand on them and roll down in case I got cold. Simple flats, two stacked bracelets and a watch completed the look.

4. Dinner outfit – Brightly colored dress, booties, a navy blazer and turquoise necklace. I love the turquoise/bright purple combo – I think they’re colors that can be worn both in the Fall and Spring. I ended up wearing patterned tights because it was still a bit cool outside. (Note: Patterned tights when worn properly are really sexy).

Most of these pieces, with the exception of the shoes are from Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, Ross and TJ Maxx so they’re all affordable. Just note, that all these items can be worn again in a more Spring/Summer style.

5 thoughts on “Fall into Spring – Part II

  1. Jo! Love love lunging the blog! I suggest you start tweeting under this name to build more fellow fashion bloggers. I’ll def keep coming back!

  2. Thanks Mun! I’m so glad you’ll be coming back! I’m working on a Facebook page and Twitter – further details to come!

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