Who is Jo?

  1. I’m a bit of a geek who loves anything that deals with mythical lands, magic, sci-fi, dinosaurs, and space.
  2. While others may see me as sarcastic – I like to think of myself as witty and straight-forward.
  3. I love making lists (if you can’t tell) and am an avid organizer.
  4. My real name is Jyoti (pronounced Jo-Theee), but you can just call me Jo.
  5. I have a creative eye for art, design, style and fashion.
  6. I love eating Cinnabons.

For more information please read my …More About Jo page.

Who is Jo

One thought on “Who is Jo?

  1. Absolutely a wonderful piece of work. I am proud of you and enjoyed reading your work.
    Keep up the good Job!!!



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