Call Me Mañana

It’s been a really busy few weeks, and I haven’t had a chance to get back on the blog. I still don’t have a full post or anything, but just wanted to get a little summer style up. It’s not much, but these shorts and sandals have been two of my favorite pre-summer buys–both are incredibly comfortable if you’re on the lookout.

I’m hoping to get some more summer content up towards the end of the month! But for now, I’m avoiding watching this season’s The Bachelorette (it is so so bad), and hoping the weather this coming weekend in Chicago is much much cooler than Houston!

Shirt – Zara, Shorts – Banana Republic, Sandals – DSW (Franco Sarto), Earrings – American Eagle 


I hadn’t been thrift store shopping in years—probably since college when I’d pick out “vintage” t-shirts, and either re-design or just wear them with soffee shorts. (Not going to lie, I miss strolling around UT in that outfit!) I still have a few items from those days, including a long-sleeved, bronze sequined evening dress. Where I am going to wear that you ask? I have no idea yet…

A couple months back, my best friend suggested we go thrift shopping at Goodwill after she started following Too Cheap Blondes on Instagram. An IG account with two women from Houston who score killer designer items just by having the patience to shift through thrift store racks. I hadn’t been in years, so I was pretty down to go. (So glad I had patience that day, though!)

I ended up finding these three items—a BCBG Max Azria watercolor print dress, an emerald green skirt, and a Silence & Noise ruffle dress—all for less than $20!

Watercolor Print

Originally, this BCBG dress is around $200 or more—I scored it for $6! It’s made such a fun addition to my wardrobe. I don’t have too many bold printed items anymore because I feel like they are just trend pieces, but this was too pretty to pass up. The material is silky and soft, and ended up fitting great.

Emerald Green

I’m not much of a skirt person (I prefer dresses), but I really liked the color and style of this skirt. The tulip-like design and hanging pleats just add a cute touch to it. I see myself mostly wearing this with basic tops—white, gray, or black—to keep the skirt as the statement piece. But if I wanted to dress the skirt up a bit, I could pair it with a neckerchief, and keep the heels nude (picture below). The skirt is by Tinley Road, which usually retails around $50, but I got it for $5.

Blue Ruffles

The last thing I found was this Silence + Noise dress. Well…it’s supposed to be a dress, but because it’s a little snug in the back (it rides up just a bit!)—it’s safer for me to pair it with bottoms. I don’t wear ruffles very often, but I liked the detailing here. Plus the color and print of the dress are subtle and fun too. Silence + Noise usually retails around $50-$60, but I ended up getting this for $5 or $6!

After a thorough wash or two, all these pieces were good to go! Even though these aren’t basic pieces, I think all three can easily transition between seasons and casual/dressy wear. I definitely see myself wearing the skirt into the fall by just pairing it with a long-sleeved black top, the ruffle dress can go from casual like this, or more dressed up for work with just black pants and a blazer, and the watercolor print dress can be worn to so many occasions.


I mentioned this a few weeks ago (and now I’m realizing that was like six weeks ago…whoa!), but the series finale of New Girl was yesterday, and I’m bummed. I haven’t seen it yet–I’ve got big plans for tonight’s Wednesday Wine Night! I also just found out that Season 5 of Jane the Virgin (starting this fall) will be its last. Nooooo…I love that show! It’s fantastic in every way, and I’m not surprised that Gina Rodriguez won an Emmy for it right after its first season. (By the way, did anyone see the Season 4 finale of Jane the Virgin? SO GOOD!) I really hate when good shows go away. I really have no idea why I get so vested in these character’s lives, but it’s ok—I don’t have that many hobbies anyway!

I’m not one to shy away from patterns or bold colors, but over the past couple of years, I’ve been trying to add versatile basics into my closet. And to be honest, these days, I do dress in basics a lot…like almost every day a lot (t-shirt and jean shorts being my ultimate go-to combo).

While this outfit isn’t turning heads or anything—it’s still a favorite, casual combo of mine. It’s super comfortable and just easy to throw on. In Houston, it’ll be 90 degrees outside, but inside the A/C is blasting and I feel like I’m in Antarctica. So a light cardigan is never far behind.

When I purchased these jeans last year, they were my first black pair since…really I can’t even remember…elementary or junior high maybe?! The guy at GAP was like, “Girl…black jeans are going to change your life!” His words did not disappoint one bit. They are fantastic and such a great alternative to regular blue denim.

I also love the high-waist crop style of this pair. I didn’t have to hem them, and they fit great. They run true to size, and I’m wearing a petite, size 27. Here’s a similar pair, but in very black.

With summer fast approaching (it’s pretty much scorching summer here already), I thought it’d be fun to do a bronzed and bright lip look. I love subtle bronze makeup, and if my office wasn’t situated between nitrogen tanks and laboratory refrigerators, I’d attempt this bright red lipstick to work. But at least I got the blog for that!

Tank top and cardigan – Old Navy, Jeans – GAP, Shoes – Kenneth Cole, Earrings – World Market, Lipstick – Heatwave by NARS


Work Week: Five Days of Blazers

I am so glad blazers have become a chic and staple item in the closet! I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a suit-wearer, so being able to mix and match blazers within my closet has really helped me put together tons of work wear outfits. I also have fun doing it because I can cater the look to my style.

A couple of weeks back, I noticed that I wore a blazer every day to work that week. Which isn’t groundbreaking or anything, but it’s not something that happens often. Since all the looks were different—I mixed and matched patterns, colors, materials, and pieces—I thought it’d be fun to recreate the looks, and and show you what I might wear during a typical work week.

Monday: Plaid & velvet
This is one of my favorite outfits. I love the mustard and olive colors together, and I like the mix of textures—velvet, plaid, and chino. The chino pants give it a more casual take, but the velvet material of the tank and plaid blazer help amp up the overall look. If I wanted, I could always pass up the khaki pants and throw on black slacks.

Plaid blazer – H&M, Velvet tank – Old Navy, Chino pants – GAP, Heels – TJ Maxx

Tuesday: White & paisley
These pants are so fun, and even though I’ve mixed it with a bright blue belt and heels, I don’t think it looks too overwhelming! I toned it down with a simple gray cotton tank top, and a white blazer. I have to admit, a white blazer is something I don’t gravitate to very often—it’s mostly black or navy. However, I’ve made a mental note to try and get it out in the sun more often, especially in the spring/summer months.

 White blazer – JC Penney, Gray tank top – Old Navy, Paisley pants – Ann Taylor, Blue heels and belt – H&M

Wednesday: Floral & black
This is one of my more chic blazer outfits. I like it because it’s almost like wearing a suit—considering it’s a dress, so the bottom and top match. Because this dress is a bit loose on me, I cinched it at the waist with a belt, and put on a more form-fitting blazer to hide the loose fabric. You can’t tell from this picture, but whatever material this blazer is made out if is awesome—it’s soft, easily washes, doesn’t wrinkle, and is just comfortable!

Black blazer – Ross, Floral dress – H&M (old, and from my best friend), Heels – Naturalizer, Belt – Banana Republic

Thursday: Salmon & Navy
Every time I wear this outfit, I always feel like “sailor meets air hostess!” I really like the navy and pink/salmon colored combo. I don’t often wear pink (makes me feel too girly), but these pants were a cool addition to my closet. Without the neckerchief, the outfit is great, but I wanted something to tie it all together, plus I think it gives it a more professional look. I dressed it down just a little with gray loafers.

Navy blazer and pants – Banana Republic, Stripe shirt – H&M, Shoes – Franco Sarto (DSW), Neckerchief – Urban Outfitters

Friday: Light gray & jeans
I know myself and this was my favorite and most comfortable out of the week. I’m a blazer and jeans girl for sure, but of course, I like to mix it up. Plus my profession is one that I do have to dress up somewhat, and wearing jeans doesn’t really cut it every day! Since it is Friday, I wanted a more casual work outfit, and this is what came about. I had first bought these jeans in a lighter wash, but loved them so much, I ended up getting this darker wash as well. The light gray blazer is one my Mom convinced me to get, and I’m so glad she did.

Gray blazer – JC Penney, Stripe shirt and jeans – Old Navy, Heels – Charlotte Russe, Lipstick – “It Girl” by Laura Mercier

I hope these five looks inspire your work wear wardrobe in some way. I’m always playing around with blazers throughout the week. I own about 10 of them, but that’s just me! If you’re wondering which colors to have as staples in your closet, start off with black and/or navy. They’ll be your more versatile colors, and then you can build from there, if you really like them.

Cinco de Mayo

Over the weekend, I was shooting another blog post, and thought I’d throw on this fun number for Cinco de Mayo! I didn’t have party plans (though I think eating tacos for the third day in a row is basically a party in my head), but I really wanted to wear something colorful.

I wore this outfit a few times last year, and absolutely love it. I’m a sucker for embroidered pieces, so this brightly colored top fits great in my closet. I always mellow it down with just a simple white tank top and jeans.

This will be a short and sweet post, as I have a longer one coming up this week with a more work-wear theme to it!

Top – Marshall’s, Tank top and sandals – Old Navy, Shorts – American Eagle, Lipstick – “It Girl” by Laura Merceir

Indian Folk Print Dress

I realized that I’ve had this blog for so many years, and have never put up a single post featuring an Indian outfit. Which is bizarre because I wear Indian outfits multiple times a year. Let me rephrase that…”multiple times in a weekend!” Let’s be straight up though…anytime I wear Indian clothes, I am always in a rush. No matter how early I start getting ready—I am always running out the door like a tornado. So I never have time to take pictures of the actual outfit, and I’m sure as heck not going to wear the outfits just to take photos! Plus, it’s my Mom who has the most beautiful taste in Indian clothes, so I can’t even take credit for anything that I wear!

I truly love everything Indian, and even if the clothes are a hassle to wear, they are colorful and gorgeous. While this isn’t your normal Indian outfit, it can still be categorized into it. I love the folk print, colors, and style of it. I came across it on a Pinterest ad, and kind of just had to have it. The pattern is beautiful, and looks like it tells a folktale of Indian women. (I’m not going to recommend the site because I’m pretty sure that’s how my credit card got compromised…ooops. However, I’m sure there are other sites out there that will carry something similar.

I also really like that it’s so easy to wear. I don’t have to worry about not breathing from my chuni (petticoat) being too tight, or walking in it, or making sure my sari doesn’t become undone, or using 500 safety pins to keep it up…I could go on and on. (If you’ve ever worn Indian clothes, you know the struggle is real.) Plus, I can pair this with leggings, or other bottoms, and easily take it from a dress to a Punjabi (salwar kameez) for an event.

I wore this outfit a few weeks back to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston Mixed Media event highlighting their new exhibition, Peacock in the Desert: The Royal Arts of Jodhpur, India. (I just really wanted to be extra Indian that night!) It is a very cool exhibition and takes you back in time through Indian treasures and paintings. I highly recommend seeing it if you are in Houston.

I thought it’d be fun to put on a chanlo (bindi), and a pair of gold earrings. I wanted to take photos of this outfit when I had longer hair so I could do an up-do with my hair. Unfortunately, I never got around to it. I always think hair up-dos make Indian outfits look even more sophisticated, so I’m not entirely sure how I feel with the short hair down. What do y’all think? To keep in line with the whole Indian theme even more—the lipstick is actually “Bawse” by Lilly Singh for Smashbox.

This is definitely not an “outfit of the day” or anything, but I thought I’d bring a bit of Indian into my blog—it was about time!

Dress – online, Heels – Target (old), Clutch – DSW, Earrings – A’gaci (old), Lipstick – “Bawse” by Lilly Singh for Smashbox


From Work to Day to Night: One Shirt – Three Ways

There are days where I have to quickly change between work, running an errand, and then going out, but don’t have a lot of time in between. Instead of picking out three different outfits to wear, I tend to switch out just a few things to change up the look throughout the day. In doing this, I keep one thing a constant—it’s usually a top because bottoms or shoes can easily be switched out.

Here, I’ve taken one of my easier tops and styled it in three different ways—a work outfit, a casual running around outfit, and something I can go to dinner in. Plus, this shows how easily a casual top can transition throughout the day, and how one shirt can be so versatile in your closet.

In the morning, I could start off with something like this—a top, blazer, slacks, and heels. It’s a pretty standard work wear outfit. I don’t know about y’all, but when I get off of work, I want to quickly change into something casual to bum around or run errands in.

Shirt – Marshall’s, Slacks – Banana Republic, Blazer – JC Penney, Pumps – Anne Klein

Which brings us to the second outfit. Here I’ve just thrown off the heels (thank god), taken off the blazer, and put on a pair of jean shorts and my favorite comfy studded mules. I’ll quickly grab my wallet, phone, keys, and cross body bag and head out the door. Oh…I’ll also give my hair a little fluff!

Shirt – Marshall’s, Jean shorts – GAP, Mules and bag – Nine West

Sometimes I’m super lucky and someone will want to hang out with me in the evening. In that case, I can just switch out jean shorts with jeans, put on some comfy heels, add a red lip, and I’m good to go!

Shirt – Marshall’s, High-waisted jeans – American Eagle, Wedges – Charlotte Russe, Clutch – DSW, Lipstick – Heatwave by NARS

I could have created all these looks with a simple black tank, but I thought the red and white stripes would bring a more fun detail to each outfit. If for some reason I can’t make it home, I can also quickly pack a pair of jean shorts or jeans, sandals, a cross-body bag, and a red lipstick in my car and change throughout the day. Boom—three outfits in 12 hours!

New Girl

Y’all I’m sad…the first episode of the last season of New Girl aired yesterday, and I’m already not looking forward to the show ending! (By the way, it was another great episode. Schmidt’s mustache was beyond creepy, but the “Wonder Woman” birthday party theme was everything!) I absolutely love this show, and don’t think I’ve come across an episode I didn’t care for. Each time I re-watch it, I see how creative, talented, witty, and relatable the show really is. I also love all the characters, except for Jess—she gets on my nerves sometimes, but she’s got a few good lines here and there. The three guys are everything, and I totally want to be friends with them. Also, I’m pretty sure Winston is the underdog, but he really has come out to be one of my favorites. I mean bird shirts and Ferguson for life!

I think what I love about the whole show is that when it started the characters were the same age as me, and I’ve kind of just grown with them for the last seven years. It’s also nostalgia overload—throwback 90s and early 2000s songs, the old school references, and with Cece’s awesome character, they throw in some Indian (which I’m always a sucker for). (Speaking of, Hannah Simone is like utterly stunning, and I think her obsession with her cats is hilarious.) The show is completely unrealistic, but I really wouldn’t mind living in a loft with three best guy friends! I have to be honest—I don’t particularly care for Jess and Nick as a couple, but I guess I have seven more episodes to come to terms with that—plus get a good dose of Schmidt’s spastic antics, and weird and completely wrong references to Indian culture because of his love for Cece, Winston’s bird shirts and dumb pranks, Aly who is just great, and hopefully Coach comes back! It’s weird but I’m kind of looking forward to seeing how their journey ends!

I guess I should also mention that I’ve chopped my hair! I wanted a fresh, new start on my 35th birthday this past weekend! I donated around 13 inches of it to Pantene Pro-V’s Beautiful Lengths program, and another two inches was cut off to get the style. I can’t believe I was carrying around 15 inches of hair—I feel like that’s the longest I’ve had it. It’s so weird—I’ve gone short (even shorter than this) quite a few times, but every time I go back, I’m always a little nervous. I got my hair cut like this three years ago, but didn’t really give it a chance before I decided to let it grow out so I could donate it again. However, this time around, I’m having a lot more fun with it, so I think I may keep it like this for a bit longer. I’m still learning how to style it, but can never manage to do what my stylist does! I’ll eventually grow it out again because I want to keep donating it while I still can.

I wore some variation of this outfit in the Glossier post, but wanted to get this one up because I’ve worn this combination a few times already. I had been on the hunt for a good pair of cropped flares for a few months now, and finally came upon these at Old Navy. Being 5’3” I always have to get cropped pants, roll them in, or hem them myself, so the length on these is pretty great. They aren’t too short where they make me look stumpy, and aren’t so long where they don’t give off the cropped effect. Here, I am wearing a size 4. (I normally wear a 6 or 8, so they run a bit big.) I love a good pair of flare jeans, so combining flares with a crop is kind of perfect for me. I also really like the wash on these—I had been looking for a lighter pair of jeans for a while too. I can’t always seem to get a good lighter pair, because I feel like they always accentuate my hips in the wrong way, whereas darker jeans don’t do that as much. But these seem to not have done that, which was another plus!

All of these items are still available: Cardigan – GAP, Tunic/dress – Target, Jeans – Old Navy, Shoes – Charlotte Russe

Isle of Dogs: Special Screening of Wes Anderson’s New Film

I love dogs (*cough* maybe even a bit more than people *cough*). Put them in a movie made by Wes Anderson, and you’ve basically made me crazy happy! Since Wes Anderson is from Houston (that’s right…we got Wes Anderson, Beyoncé, AND Whataburger), he always does a special pre-release screening of his new films at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (MFAH) for his parents. Then there are a limited number of people who can go, and I was lucky that my friend invited me to his new film Isle of Dogs on Monday night. (I have to admit, when I left my job at the MFAH, I was a bit sad that I would miss these special screenings, because I absolutely adore his movies. We even got to hear from Roald Dahl’s grandson during the screening of Fantastic Mr. Fox!)

I’m not going to give away too much of the movie (NPR has done a great review of it, and in a more eloquent way than I ever could), but I really think it is an awesome watch! If you love dogs, dry humor, drum beats, Wes Anderson movies, sushi (!)…I could go on and on…you will enjoy this movie!

The attention to detail, the creativity (e.g. he uses cotton for the “dust” in the fight scenes), and the design work is just incredible. It truly is another unique and wonderfully created film by Wes Anderson—mixing the love dogs have towards humans and vice-versa, with politics, dog-activists, and Japanese culture—it all makes for a fun and intriguing storyline. Each scene had my full attention. The music is also different than his other movies—definitely with Asian influence and very upbeat—it really gets you going!

I love stop motion animation and to see the impeccable work he and his team put into creating the characters, the scenes, the placement, and every little detail in between is amazing. I dabble in stop motion a bit and I can honestly tell you that they take a lot of time, dedication, and patience to make. To see it being done on this scale is so inspiring. I wish I had even an ounce of that creativity!

Oh! How can I forget about the dogs?! They are absolutely adorable. You’ll immediately be connected to them, and fall in love with them. You can also feel how much they love their humans, and value being guardians. They truly are the most selfless creatures! (Yes, I know…I should get one. Can someone please tell my landlady?!)

The film opens up in three theatres today in Houston. I hope you like it as much as I did!


Trying out Glossier for the First Time

I knew Emily Weiss (aka “Super Intern” – throwback to The Hills) was going to do awesome things, but I really had no idea what a powerhouse she would become. I’m actually completely jealous (in a good, inspirational way!) of how she’s turned her passion into a multi-million dollar business with Into the Gloss and Glossier, and so many women are finding it relatable.

I have to admit, I’ve been hesitant about buying Glossier items because I feel like they are a bit too pricey, and that it just might not work with my skin tone or dry/oily complexion. However, after reading reviews and digging the marketing of it (it’s done really well!), I thought I’d just give them a go. I went ahead and ordered a few items—Boy Brown (in Black), Cloud Paint (in Haze), Wowder (in Dark/Deep), and Lidstar (in Fawn). I had meant to order a Balm Dotcom, but forgot to add it to my shopping basket (whoops).

I’m wearing it all here (in combination with a few other items), and I have to admit, I’m actually really, really liking it. For work and even casual/everyday wear, I like my look to be as natural as possible, with out being actually natural. I like wearing makeup and think it’s fun; plus, it helps boost my mood a bit, but I hate looking too done-up (unless it’s actually for something special). Glossier products are definitely for that no makeup, makeup look! Here are my thoughts on each thing I got:

Boy Brow: This works so good! I fill the gaps in my eyebrows almost every day, and always “set” them with a brow gel. This one has worked really well, with or without the pencil. The only downside is that its way too small, and since I use a brow tamer everyday, this product may run out pretty quickly.

Cloud Paint: I love blushes (it’s my second favorite thing next to mascara), so being a blush-enthusiast, I wanted to try it out. It did not disappoint. A little goes a long way and just gives a nice, sheer, natural tint to your cheeks, which lasts for a good amount of the day. Plus, it’s buildable. The only thing about it is, that it can stain your fingers, so you may need to use a makeup wipe after.

Wowder: I have a hard time matching foundation, concealer, and powder to my skin tone—with this coming in only three colors, I was hesitant about buying it. I feel like my skin tone changes quite a bit throughout the year, and I can’t stick to one shade all year-round. (It took like 20 attempts the other day at Sephora to finally find me a good full coverage foundation!) This is also why I stayed away from Glossier skin tint and concealer—there’s no way any of those would work with my color.

I’m actually surprised how Wowder is working on me. With the humidity and heat that starts to roll in in March, my skin becomes much oilier. For the past few weeks, this has actually helped to tame it without feeling too cake-y or matte, so I’m kind of into it. It’s easy to apply it, and the color actually suited my skin tone. I didn’t buy the Glossier brush that is recommended with it because I didn’t hear too many good reviews about it. Instead, I’ve been using an E.L.F. Blurring Brush that I picked up for a few dollars, and it’s been working great.

Lidstar (it looks like a test tube!): This was an impulse purchase, and Glossier had just come out with it. I love easy eye make up, and this is as easy as it gets. I applied a little bit onto my lid using the applicator, and used my finger to blend it out. It has a nice subtle shimmer to it, and would be good for every day wear. I don’t wear it every day, but maybe like once a week, just to give me a bit of bounce. I’m not 100% sure if I’d get another color, but this one will last me quite awhile anyways.

In a nutshell, I’ve been pretty happy with my Glossier purchases. If you’re wondering whether or not to get something, I’d go with some simpler items—Balm Dotcom, Cloud Paint, Boy Brow, etc. and see if you like those first. They also have skincare products, but my skin is way too sensitive, so I have to be careful with things.

The other makeup items I’m wearing are Bobbi Brown foundation, a little Urban Decay concealer, Cover Girl Total Tease mascara, RMS Magic Luminizer (highlighter), and Charlotte Tilbury lip liner (in Pillow Talk).

Outfit: Dress/tunic – Target (old); also styled here (as a dress) and here (with faux leather pants), jeans and cardigan – Old Navy, sandals – Charlotte Russe

This outfit is something I threw on last week for a casual Friday. I love wearing tunic-like dresses with jeans and heels. I also do this with some of my dresses that have gotten a little short (eeek!), so I can keep them around in my closet. Plus, it’s a different way to style your dresses in the colder months, if you don’t want to wear leggings, yet again.