Why I Don’t Mind Going to the Movies Alone


So I don’t have to share my box of Sour Patch Kids with anyone! Kidding…sort of.

A few weeks ago, right before the Olympics started, I took myself out to watch Café Society. Which was enjoyable, but definitely not one of my favorite Woody Allen movies (Midnight in Paris…sigh). It could have been way better if it weren’t for Kristen Stewart playing one of the main characters. She has absolutely no chemistry with anyone who is warm-blooded. It’s like she’s still a vampire.

Half-way through it, I was a bit relieved to see Blake Lively pop up in a pretty decent role (but still, nothing beats Serena Van der Woodsen).


To wrap my head around this whole Ryan Lochte fiasco (if you know me, I was like his #1 fan, so this is a huge disappointment), and to fill that Olympic void, I went to go see Don’t Think Twice the other day. Now, that was a great movie!

Anyone who has ever dealt with flailing in their careers or trying to find some kind of purpose, is going to appreciate this movie. It’s one of those “all-feels” movies, where you’re happy, sad, heart-warmed, content, and inspired—all at the same time. Plus, it helps you see what a great group of friends can do for you. I definitely recommend it. Seriously, Ira Glass (producer of the movie/winner at everything in life), can do no wrong.


Sorry! I had no intent on turning this into a weird movie review–I’ll get back to the point now.

To be honest, I’m not quite sure why I don’t mind going to the movies alone. I’m perfectly content with what’s on Netflix or Hulu, and whatever bottle of wine I have at home. However, I tend to go after I’ve had a particularly stressful day and just want to relax—away from my apartment, or it happens to be a movie that many people may not want to see.


For whatever reason, I just like to go—it’s kind of therapeutic. I feel better about things after I’ve gone, plus it makes a great date night, for one. I don’t have to dress up nor put on make-up. I can eat however much candy I want without anyone being there to judge me, and I can laugh as loud as I want. The biggest perk, I don’t have to sit across from some loser who is boring me to death. It’s kind of just fabulous!


Dress: Ross (old) | Shoes: Charlotte Russe (old) | Velvet choker: ribbon from Joanne’s Fabrics

Team Luke…Still


This week is huge. OK, last week was huge too, with us electing our first woman presidential candidate—so many feels (and some ugly crying)! If you are in need of inspiration this Monday—stop reading this crap, and go watch last week’s DNC—all of it.

Now this week, after 9-weeks, we finally find out which one of the two guys JoJo picks as her “forever (read: one minute) love” on The Bachelorette tonight. These are important times y’all.


Throughout this season, I’ve found JoJo to be both really pretty, and pretty boring. Nothing too exciting came out of her, except for the fact that she’s from Texas and the multiple times she would start crying, bawl the words, “This is so hard,” and then fall to the ground in her tight designer dress, while having an anxiety attack.

Also the guys this season—an erectile dysfunction specialist, an ex-pro football player, a “Bachelor enthusiast” (so many “whats?” here), a some-what violent, steroid-using bully, a whiny little military guy, a goofy singer/songwriter from Katy, TX (woo hoo!), and the guys who had exactly what you’d want out of someone—which clearly did not appeal to JoJo.


But week after week (until last week), Luke Pell, a fellow Texan, and a war veteran (might I add, he looks great in chambray), always seemed to come out on top. Then he was axed. Now I think JoJo’s just pretty dumb.

Luke talked a bit slow. The candlelit path leading up to a heart made out of rose petals on his parents Texas ranch home, is what cheese is made out of, and was completely ridiculous. He did not say, “I love you” (because he’s not stupid). But he truly was the best and most genuine. His words, “You did not want me anymore,”…ugh…dagger to the heart. 

Now she is left with two guys—Jordan Rodgers (brother of real football player, Aaron Rodgers), whose brain is that of a sleazy high school jock, combined with whatever is the dumbest animal out there, and Robby, a 13-year old boy trapped in an overly-tanned body of a 20-something year old swimmer. It truly is slim pickings out there.


Well JoJo, tonight you get to wear another pretty gown, hyperventilate again, fall in love for a hot second, and still have to sit next to Chris Harrison, host mind-numbing “therapist” of The Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad. What a resume.

As for Luke…there is another JoJo out there. *wink* #lukeforbachelor2017

Another huge thing this week—the Olympics start on Friday! Once again, the world’s most perfect athletes (and Ryan Lochte) will grace our TVs for two weeks.

It’s also the two weeks where I’m so inspired by them, that I actually go to the gym like every day and eat healthy, with the hope that maybe I too can be an Olympian. After two weeks, I want a donut. I want a donut real badly. So, there’s always archery…

DSC_0880_w text_copy

Where Did She Go?


I cannot believe how long it has been since I posted anything here! The last time I did an actual style post–I had much shorter hair AND that was back in December. Ahhh!

The other week, I decided to go through my blog archives. Now this is going to sound weird, but I got a little bit jealous of my blogger-self from 5 years back. I know…who gets jealous of themselves?


I used to post quite a bit–sometimes two or three times a week! I even went as far as posting recipes, and I am not a fan of the kitchen. Seriously, where did that blogger go?


Honestly, I’m not sure if I will ever go back to being that blogger. Let’s just say, I’m feeling a bit more energized and inspired, so I’m here now.

I am ready to get some new content up, and I’m toying around with the idea of a blog name change. I’d also love to add guest bloggers. I’m not quite sure how that will actually play out, but I think it’d be a fun idea to look into! For now, it’s just baby steps and making more time to have a presence here.

DSC_1009_copy 2

Over the last couple of years, I’ve become more conscious of what I’m putting into my closet, thus a lot of it hasn’t changed. But because of this, I’m always looking for new ways to pair the pieces that I have.

As a return to the blog, I thought I’d bring back two pieces that I’ve worn here before. I’ve always had fun styling this orange top (check out Bleeding Orange and Jackie O.), but the candy stripe shorts went with a simple gray shirt in the post, Girls at the Gym.

In the spirit of embracing summer, I thought it would be fun to pair the two, and throw in a red/orange lipstick (NARS Heat Wave)!

DSC_0970_w text_copy

The One Resolution that Stuck

While I may not be Emma Watson or Malala (seriously, you go girls), I wanted to do something in 2015 that would be inspiring and educational. Last January I made a resolution to research various nonprofits (locally, nationally, and globally) and pick one to donate to each month in 2015. This would give me the opportunity to better understand the issues being faced and the programs that are being implemented to tackle them.

We get so caught up in our own worlds, that we forget there is a much bigger one out there. One where people don’t get the luxury of running through a fun and safe park, taking art lessons, eating fresh food, reading, or even putting on clean underwear.

To kick-off 2016, I thought I’d share a list of the organizations that I found. Some are because of my passion for art and reading, a couple build upon girl empowerment, and others are for my love of animals and parks. All of them inspired me in some way and continue to support the things I believe everyone deserves.

January: One Girl
February: Recipe for Success
March: Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP)
April: Buffalo Bayou Park
May: Discovery Green
June: NPR/Houston Public Media
July: Art Bridge
August: Girl Effect
September: Houston K-9 Division
October: Undies for Everyone
November: Pratham
December: Room to Read

This is one resolution I definitely want to continue to carry on. While I didn’t have time to write a short description about each one, I do encourage you to check them out. Maybe there’s something in there that you’ll be interested in helping out this year!

Donation 2015 Collage_2

2015 Round-Up

I don’t know about you guys, but I need me some “new year freshness”…like immediately. I’m so ready to drink champagne during the countdown, read my new year’s horoscope out of Cosmopolitan magazine (it’s legit y’all), and embrace 2016 with a hug (and I don’t even like hugs that much).

So I’ve got my new planner (trying out a Moleskin one this year), a new pair of Nikes, and some fresh goals. Like Cleopatra once said (the 90s girl group, not the Egyptian pharaoh), 2016…“I’m comin’ at ya.”

I had the opportunity to do some fun and creative shoots this year. While I didn’t get around to having as many blog posts as I would have liked, Kristen (from Kristen Eide Photography), had a few of the best ideas I’ve featured here—going all Little House on the Prairie in some Texas lavender fields, making a creepy forest look like something out of Game of Thrones, and my favorite, turning Buffalo Bayou Park into a fun jungle. I’m hoping 2016 brings even more great posts.


Mustard Dress & Stripes


I’ve truly neglected the blog this year! Now that I think about it—instead of blogging, I was either working on a 1000 piece Star Wars puzzle (still incomplete), sleeping, or Netflix-ing. Let’s just say, the dark side got to me. (However, I am giving myself kudos for putting together the puzzle’s border…it only took 6 months.)

To round out 2015, I thought I’d squeeze in a few December posts. Here, I’m sharing one of my favorite fall outfits. (I do apologize that these pictures aren’t as great as the ones I’ve had in my last few posts. I wanted to get something up and had to rely on my go-to tripod pictures!)

I wore this dress in one of my first posts on the blog. It was never to be seen again…until now. To be honest, I’ve only worn it a few times since then—styling it with simple pieces, like a blazer and flats. I was about to let it go this year, but then I decided to give this shirts under dresses-thing a try.


This look definitely takes me back to my 90s days, but I actually really like it. It gives me a fresh way to repurpose some of my dresses and shirts. I did think about adding a belt to define the dress. However, I didn’t want to overwhelm the look with both a belt and neck tie. Considering I’m still really into bandanas, that won. This just happens to be my go-to bandana look, but for a few different ways, check out my other post.



While I haven’t quite figured out my resolutions for 2016, I do hope to come back to my blog space more often. I’m not quite ready to give it up! As I do every year, I’ll be back next week with a recap of my 2015 resolutions and favorite posts. Until then…Happy Holidays!

DSC_052_w text copy

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month


Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month Infograph_Draft 2_9.21.15

Image designed by me.

I don’t normally post topics like this on the blog, but the more I came to learn about this “below the belt” disease at work, the more I realized that that this is something that I want to share, even if no one really likes to talk about it. Really, what’s the point of me learning all of this information at work, having a blog, and not sharing it with my friends, family, and others?

Over the past few months, I’ve had the opportunity to research ovarian cancer-related topics and attend a screening of N.E.D. (No Evidence of Disease). This powerful documentary follows six gynecological cancer surgeons who are on a “rock n’ roll mission” to raise awareness and educate women and their families on the signs, symptoms, and critical importance of early diagnosis. If you’re into medical/health-related documentaries, this is a really moving one!

Ovarian Cancer is the fifth leading cause of cancer-related death in women. In the U.S. alone, over 20,000 women/year are diagnosed with ovarian cancer and there are close to 15,000 deaths/year, due to this disease. Unfortunately, there are no effective screening options (pap smears do not test for this cancer) and the symptoms are so vague, that the cancer is usually caught in its later stages. The symptoms are common to other issues, and include:

  • Bloating
  • Pelvic or abdominal pain
  • Difficulty eating or feeling full too quickly
  • Urinary urgency or frequency

See…it could be anything else! However, if they continue to happen over a course of a few weeks, its recommended that an individual gets checked out.

Even though, today is the last day of National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, it doesn’t mean awareness truly stops. Continued education and awareness are key to helping women and their families fight ovarian cancer. If caught in its earlier stages, the 5-year survival rate is greater than 90%. I wanted to share this information because it can affect any woman in your life. Educate yourselves and others on the symptoms–early detection really is the best defense.

Winter Is Coming (just not yet)



Considering the eerie feel and pointy branches of the background in these images, I was going to name this post Game of Thorns but then I wanted to vent about this, “craving pumpkin-spice-cozy knits!”-phenomenon happening since August (!), so I took a different Game of Thrones approach. But first, this has got to be one of my favorite shoots. Everything about it fits my personality–the creepy forest and branches background, the simple navy dress, the fact that I got to wear boots, a necklace that could easily be some kind of magical symbol or better yet, a port key–it was like I was finally able to live out my fantasy of being in a LOTR/Harry Potter-ish world!



These images were shot by Kristen next to the lavender fields of her parents’ ranch, which I featured in my last post. Once again, she nailed it with the effect we were going for. She also let me borrow this necklace from Cheeky Vintage, a vintage shop here in Houston. They sell an assortment of vintage items including dresses, purses, hats, bridal wear, and so on; plus, you can check by eras (1940s, 50s, 60s…).


I briefly touched upon this subject last year, this year I have to say it again (but louder)—WHY is everyone in such a rush to get into fall? A few weeks back, a best friend and I vented on how this OMG! CAN.NOT.WAIT.FOR.FALL-hype! gets worse and pops up earlier and earlier every year. I told her that when temperatures dropped down to 79 after a rain storm here (mind you, it was just mid-August), my IG was filled with, Ooooo lower temps! Can’t wait to snuggle up with hot cocoa and a cozy blanket for fall! UMM hello…that’s not called cold…it’s called perfect. For me, fall brings that dreaded “Daylight Savings Time Ends” crap, for my friend (as for thousands of others who live where it actually gets cold) it literally means “winter IS coming” and that is pure torture.

While the season-change does bring with it everyone’s favorites—Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and warm blanket scarves—I really think we should slow our roll. As “appealing” as ice storms, blizzards, and pumpkin spice mocha ginger cinnamon lattes sound, I’ll wait my turn. For now, hand me a dang popsicle and flip flops.



Dress: ASOS (borrowed), Necklace: Cheeky Vintage

Images by: Kristen Eide Photography

If you’re looking for an all-occasions photographer, visit kristeneide.com. She’s also done these images for the blog: Texas Lavender Fields, It’s a Jungle Out There!, Spanish Flower, and Midnight in Paris.

Texas Lavender Fields

Earlier this summer, two girl friends and I drove up to my friend’s parents’ ranch house near Killeen to shoot some photos in the lavender fields that her Mom grows (!) Just the drive up there had me super excited! (I’m sure the BUC-EES Beaver Nuggets Sweet Corn Puff Snacks I consumed during the road trip, had nothing to do with my sugar high…) There’s something serene about driving for a couple hours outside of Houston, and then taking dusty, windy roads down through hills and farm lands. (I had also just finished watching Friday Night Lights, so I was REALLY into the whole “old Texas town” thing.)



Before we left, our friend told us not to expect lavender fields likes those in France. The fields turned out to be perfect and pretty, and the whole experience of being in the middle of Texas was the chocolate icing on my yellow cupcake.We ended up staying in a very old ranch house on the property, but I found each part of the house charming (minus the bugs, of course). There is so much character to the house and surrounding land, with its old tool shed, water basin, clothes line, ranch gates, the tall grass, cacti, and miles of green land.




The next day we woke up to take these photos, and the overcast weather worked to our advantage, as it added to the old-country charm and tone of the photos. All of the pieces I’m wearing are owned and were styled by Kristen. She had a very creative way of taking this dress and making it feel very “Little House on the Prairie”-like, which is what we were going for.




Considering lavender is one of my favorite scents, it was hard to pull myself away from the fields. Good thing Kristen’s mom makes all sorts of goodies from the lavender—I have the lotion, insect repellant, linen spray, and picked up a bunch of fresh lavender for my room. It smelled pretty darn great for days (and kept the mosquitoes away)!




This post has quite a few more photos than usual, but that’s because there were two talented photographers there—Kristen from Kristen Eide Photography and Rocio from Rocio Carlon Studios. I think they both did an awesome job of capturing the mood of the Texas country. Don’t ya’ll think so?

If you’re interested in knowing more about the lavender fields, visit: Lampasas Ridge Lavender Farm.

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Five Ways to Wear a Bandana

Being a Texan, I already owned a couple of bandanas and ever since I saw this girl sporting one as a scarf, I’ve been playing around with the trend. Stores are carrying them in a range of prices (I’ve seen some that are $20 or more!), but I was able to pick up a couple of colors from my local Hobby Lobby store for less than $2. As it is one of my new favorite trends, I thought I’d share a few ways in which I’ve worn the scarf, and plan to, once the fall rolls around.

To start off, there are two basic folds that you’ll need to know; the half-fold (step 2) and long-fold (step 5):

How to Fold a Bandana_Steps

Bunny Ear Tuck

Start with the long fold and place it around your neck, with the ends facing the back. Tie it (1 – 2 times), and tuck the bunny ears in.

Bubby Ear Tuck_Bandana

Air Hostess

Start with the long fold, and then place the bandana around your neck, with the ends facing the front. Tie it around your neck, air hostess-style.

Air hostess_Bandana

Classic Cowboy

Fold the bandana in half, place it around your neck with the ends facing back, and tie it around your neck (1 – 2 times).


The Cape

This is basically the Classic Cowboy, but backwards. Fold the bandana in half, place it around your neck with the ends facing front, and tie it around your neck, like a cape (1 – 2 times).

The Cape_Bandana


Start with the long fold and wrap it around your head, tying it at the bottom. If needed, secure it with bobby pins. Note: You can either tuck in the ends, leave them untucked or you can also tie the scarf on the top of your head. (That’s a little too girly for me, so I tied it at the bottom and left the ends untucked).


There are tons of other ways to wear a bandana scarf, but these are just the five that I found to be the easiest, and most suitable to my style.

Five Ways to Wear a Bandana

P.S. I’ve made up all the names for the folds and styles!